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Life Group Resources

See below for helpful life group resources

Training Booklet

Leader Manual – Find lots of great information and answers to many of your questions.

Activity Groups

Facilitating an Activity Based Group – Guidelines for facilitating your activity based group

Group Dynamics

6 Ways to Listen Better – Some tips and tricks on being a better listener

Facilitating Better Discussion – Tips and tricks for facilitating better discussions

Life Group Leader Tips & Tricks – A list of the best Tips & Tricks for leading a great Life Group

Preventing, Managing, Resolving Conflict – Tools and guidelines for managing conflicts

Troubleshooting Issues – Helpful tips for resolving issues that may come up in Life Groups

Ice Breakers

Ice Breakers for Small Groups – A list of some helpful icebreakers for your small group


21 Qualities of a Leader – Written by John C. Maxwell, he talks about the 21 qualities that a leader possesses that make other people want to follow them

Preparing Spiritually – A guide of some things you can do to get spiritually prepared for Life Groups

How to Lead Communion in Life Group – A guide for leading your Life Group in communion


How to Pray for Your Group – Some tips and guidelines on how you can pray for your group

SOAP Groups

Facilitating a SOAP Based Group – Here are some guidelines for facilitation a SOAP Based Group

SOAP Example Study – This is an example of what a typical SOAP study might look like


Life Group Agreement – Epic Church Life Group Agreement

Epic Church Liability Waiver Form – Required for all activity based life groups

Sunday Message Discussion Groups

Discussion Questions