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Worship Director

Job Description

Learn more about our history, culture, vision, and values!

Role: Location Worship Director
Job Type: Contract/Stipend

Reports to: Worship Pastor and Location Pastor
Supervises: Worship Leaders, Music Directors, and Worship Team
Time Commitment: 10-15 hours/week – Avg. of 44 weeks/year


EPIC MSC is the worship music community based out of Epic Church. We create moments that lead people to meet with God. Moments in the presence of God have the ability to change the human heart and cause people to move toward God and what He has in store for them. The Location Worship Director leads their team to ensure a passionate and relevant worship experience that engages people and leads them to Jesus.


  • Oversee all aspects of worship each Sunday (set-up, team, equipment, location specifics, service programming, and tear down) under the leadership of the Location Pastor.
  • Schedule and resource your team in advance utilizing Planning Center.
  • Communicate with your team utilizing email, phone/text, and Planning Center.
  • Model a culture of continual improvement that strives for excellence.
    • Complete weekly Location Staff Report.
    • Communicate with Worship Pastor as needed.
  • Recruit and assist in onboarding and training new team members.
  • Identify team members with leadership potential and provide opportunities for them to develop.
  • Build community within the team.
    • Organize and lead social events.
    • Honor and celebrate leaders and team members publicly and privately.
    • Cultivate an environment of fun and celebration.
  • Serve on the location staff team, led by the location pastor.
  • Pray, care for your team, and encourage personal growth within your team members.
  • Model and teach Epic MSC standards and values.
  • Participate in planned church events outside of Sunday services when possible.
  • Attend all-staff, team, and location meetings.

Role-based Competencies

  • Strong communication skills.
  • Dependable team player with willingness to be first in, and last out.
  • Basic understanding of music and music theory.
  • Computer skills (Planning Center, Google Drive).
  • Ability to learn Ableton Live and general knowledge of location sound equipment, band equipment, and service programming processes.

Organizational Competencies

  • Committed follower of Jesus.
  • Passionate about reaching every person in the city.
  • Commitment to Epic’s Staff Agreement.
  • Supportive of Epic’s vision and values. epic.church/vision.
  • Ability to lead leaders and volunteers and build people to reach their full potential.
  • A hungry learner with a teachable spirit and a track record of leading yourself well.
  • Embrace change and can adapt quickly with a “we can do anything” attitude.
  • Make things better through evaluating and improving processes.
  • Lead the way in generosity and faithful in giving.
  • Like to laugh, have fun, and enjoy celebrating.
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