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How to Have a Great Marriage


Find a quiet place and work through these questions yourself, and/or work through them with a friend, family member, or your life group.

  • What were some of the earliest moments that helped you realize your spouse was special?
  • If you’re single, what couples do you know whose marriages you respect and look up to? What do you respect the most? Are there any couples you’ve known in your life who have negatively impacted your view of marriage or even your own relationships?
  • If you’re single, what are some of the best ways you’ve discovered to support your married friends, or what are some ways you’d like to support your married friends moving forward?
  • Couples: How do you keep things fun? What challenges do you have in making sure you’re having fun?
  • Couples: What helpful techniques, what do’s/dont’s have you learned about how to handle and discuss conflict together?
  • Couples: What is something that has been or could be toxic for your marriage? How do you deal with it?
  • Couples: How do you make it through a rough patch, a season of feeling disconnected? If you’re in the middle of it, what do you think might help?

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