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We're excited to return to in-person services
at our Parkside, Northern Liberties, and King of Prussia locations on:

August 1 • September 12 • October 10 • November 7 • December 5

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How to Manage Your Money


  1. What lessons about money did you learn from your parents and/or as you grew up?
  2. Who is the most generous person you know? 
  3. What would you like people to say about your generosity at the end of your life?
  4. Consider the four common myths about generosity: that generosity is spontaneous, generosity is determined by cash flow, “it’s the amount that counts,” and rich people are generous. Which of those four myths have affected you the most when it comes to your own generosity?
  5. What steps could you take this week to begin being more generous by being intentional and strategic about it?

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