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Physical Health

Physical Health

Discussion Questions

Find a quiet place and work through these questions yourself, and/or work through them with a friend, family member, or your life group.


  1. How much of a priority is physical health to you, compared to your pursuit of work, academics, relationships, etc.?
  2. Some of us have that friend who confronts us when we’re okay with not being okay. Whether you have one of those friends or not, imagine someone sitting across the table from you. What might they say to you—what’s an area of your life you’ve been okay to not be okay?
  3. Is there anything you’re great at doing for others, or keeping them accountable to, but you’re not doing for yourself? How are you not “keeping your own vineyard”?
  4. We don’t have to have it all together. The best thing you can do is just take “the next step toward.” What’s the next best step you can take toward your health or goal starting right now?

Messages in this Series