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Unsettling Grace


Find a quiet place and work through these questions yourself, and/or work through them with a friend, family member, or your life group.

  1. Grace is what we crave most when our guilt is exposed. Do you find yourself craving grace when you’ve made a mistake or done something wrong?
  2. Can you think of an example of when someone has shown you grace when you didn’t deserve it?
  3. Grace is also what we hesitate to extend to others when their guilt is exposed. In what ways do you struggle to extend grace to other people?
  4. Jesus was all grace and all truth. We often emphasize one more than the other. Do you ever find yourself valuing truth over grace, or grace over truth?  
  5. Grace is unsettling because we want life to be fair, and grace often disrupts our idea of “fairness.” What do you find most challenging about embracing grace for yourself or for others?

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