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Roxborough Epic Kids Director

Job Description

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Opportunity: Roxborough Epic Kids Director
Reports to: Children’s Pastor and Location Pastor
Status: Part-time – 20-25 hours per week


The Roxborough Kids’ Director is responsible to lead and develop the team leaders and small group leaders at Epic Roxborough. They will provide resources, evaluation, leadership development, and personal care for the leaders, helping them to develop personally and lead their teams and ministry well. They will incorporate the purpose, values, and strategy of Epic Church into each volunteer and environment.

Areas of responsibility include Nursery, Preschool, Elementary, Club 56, Kids’ Check-In, and Buddys.

Location Responsibilities

  1. Sunday Mornings
    • Pre-Service: Show up an hour before the 1st service to ensure all classrooms are set up correctly, supplies are in classrooms, and classrooms are staffed. Lead huddle
    • Check-in with leaders and/or volunteers for each classroom for each service. Provide necessary support, instruction, resources.
    • Observe classrooms on a rotating schedule, between classes and service times. Attend 1 and Serve 1 to ensure you are still regularly part of adult services.  Evaluate whether parents, volunteers, and kids are having a good experience based on these criteria:
      1. The primary purposes of the Family Ministry environments are to 1) help kids grow spiritually; 2) provide care for kids and their families; 3) help kids develop connections with other kids and adults, and 4) provide a safe place for kids at Epic.
      2. Overall programming goals are that:  1) the presentation is engaging; 2) the content is helpful; 3) the environment is appealing.  
  2. Follow up with RECAPs and fill out Staff Report by Monday night.
    • Responsible to ensure recaps are completed by Sunday night for you to fill out staff report by Monday night. 
    • Work with the team leaders to address issues and find solutions. Update Children’s Pastor / Location Pastor as needed. 
    • Take responsibility to fix issues at their location. May be asked to make purchases or get supplies for location and be reimbursed. 
  3. Weekly Check-in and regular communication with Location Pastor to keep updated and pass on necessary evaluations of the previous Sunday. 
  4. Location Core Team Meetings (2 hrs – every month)
    • Location Pastor led meetings once a month
  5. All Staff Meeting (First Monday every other month – 3 hours) 
  6. One-on-one Meetings with your Team Leaders every other month
    • Discuss personal development and class-specific stuff
  7. Find and Share Resources: Continually challenge leaders to develop their skills by finding them training resources (online articles, videos, blogs, etc.). The goal is to encourage, strengthen skills, and maintain a heart for ministry.
    • Fin 2-3 training articles, blogs, podcasts, etc. and add to a Google doc each month. Children’s Pastor will choose one for you to send out to your team leaders. You can personalize it and sent it out by the 15th of each month.

Central Responsibilities

  1. Weekly Check-in and regular communication with Children’s Pastor to keep updated and pass on the necessary evaluation of the previous Sunday. 
  2. Monthly Meeting with Children Pastor 
    • Discuss and evaluate your leaders, classrooms, and plans.
  3. Training Events
    • Work with Children’s Pastor and other Family Ministry Location Directors to plan and lead 2 training events per year for the Family Ministry team.
  4. Epic Kids Live
    • Assist with planning and leading of Epic Kids’ Live events 1-2  times per year. 
  5. Child D Celebrations
    • Run child d orientations 2 weeks prior to celebrations.
    • Host and connect with families from your location at the celebrations 3-4 times a year.
  6. Onboard new team members
    • Interview new members
    • Help them find their fit. Which area will they serve?
    • Work with team leaders to train new members well. 
  7. Partner with Parents
    1. Meet parents on Sundays. 
    2. Lead Start Here (3-4 times a year).
    3. Lead Baptism Orientation (3-4 times a year)
    4. Find new ways to partner with parents


  • Must agree to standards of conduct outlined in Epic Staff Agreement
  • Be involved in the life of the church, including participation in a life group each semester.
  • Background check and child abuse clearances. 
  • Passionate about reaching every person in the city.
  • Ability to lead leaders and build volunteer teams.
  • Organized and able to handle administrative duties.
  • Embrace change and can adapt quickly with a “we can do anything” attitude.
  • Make things better through evaluating and improving processes.
  • Able to figure it out, follow-through, and get it done.
  • Lead the way in generosity and faithful in giving.
  • Like to laugh, have fun and enjoy celebrating.
  • A learner and a track record of leading yourself well.
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