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Epic Leadership

Get to know a little about our pastors and staff: who they are, what they're passionate about, and most importantly, where they think you can find Philly's best cheesesteak.

Jaquiline Dao

Jaquiline Dao

Connections Coordinator

Jaqi is our Connections Coordinator. She’s passionate about seeing people learn and grow, and she works hard to create a great environment and positive experiences for all of the guests and team members at Epic.

Jaqi is from White Haven, PA, in the Poconos, and is always trying to create a balance between her woods-y Poconos spirit and the awesome diversity of Philadelphia. She’s married to her amazing husband Nguyen, plays Dungeons and Dragons, and has 75 digits of Pi memorized—beat that!

The best cheesesteak in Philly, according to Jaqi: No strong opinions on cheesesteak, but there is a pretty strong Bubble Tea competition in China Town between Tea-Do and Vivi. Vivi is way better! 3Q Milk Tea…Mmmm.