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Epic Leadership

Get to know a little about our pastors and staff: who they are, what they're passionate about, and most importantly, where they think you can find Philly's best cheesesteak.

Peter Tkachenko

Peter Tkachenko

Youth Director

Peter is our Youth Director at Epic. He’s the guy who helps our youth navigate the world during this crazy, fun, important time in their lives. He loves to learn, he loves to help break things down so people can master things, and he loves to think about how to prepare this next generation (and all of us) for what’s to come.

Peter was born in Chisinau, Moldiva, and spent his teen years in Northeast Philly. After spending some time interning at Northpoint Church in Atlanta, he’s back in Philly. He has a wife, Caroline, and son, Ezra. If you meet him, ask him about how he tried to go pro in StarCraft 2 (We’re glad he’s here instead).

The best cheesesteak in Philly, according to Peter: With or Without in NE Philly.