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It's not a job. it's a calling.

Our Vision

To see every person in the city know Jesus as the forgiver and leader of their life.

Our Mission

We create churches that lead people to and through their next steps.

Current Openings

No openings at this time

Core Values

  1. We love Jesus first
  2. We believe that every person matters
  3. We have fun and celebrate
  4. We lead the way in generosity
  5. We are passionate, not passive
  6. We are contributors, not consumers
  7. We do everything with great excellence and a great attitude
  8. We pursue meaningful relationships
  9. We are #ForPhilly

Church Profile

In early 2007, lead pastor Kent Jacobs felt a calling to create a church that normal everyday people could relate to and find hope and life through Jesus. He began praying, and set in motion a plan to start a new church in the fall of 2008.

The team at Epic is passionate about creating environments where anyone can walk in the doors and feel valued and at home. From the parking lot welcome banners to the communication from stage to the intentional follow-up processes, the message is presented with energy, vision, excellence, and clear application.

This growing, multi-site church is reaching the city of Philadelphia through a non-traditional, multi-cultural, and evangelistic approach. Teaching is relevant, biblically-based, and humorous. You won’t hear the usual “churchy” vernacular or see suits and ties, but you will come away with a true sense that God is doing something special in and through this group of Jesus-followers. You will hear stories of radical life-change as people from all walks of life encounter the truth of God’s word and of the hope found in Jesus.

Attendance has increased year after year due to God’s goodness, a strong invite culture, the drive and energy of the staff and attenders, and ultimately, because of people experiencing life change. On average, 1600-1700 people attend Epic Church each week at five locations throughout the city.

Church Profile

Location & Demographic

Church Demographics
Socio-economic: Mixed
Gender: Mixed
Ethnicity: Mixed
Age: Largest segment is mid-late 20s

Philadelphia is the 5th most populous city in the US, with about 1.5 million people. Rich in history, art, culture, and education, the city has something for everyone. After a long economic dry period, revitalization of the city began in the late 1990s, turning around many neighborhoods and reversing a decades-long trend of population loss. The city has evolved into an educational and economic hub.

Philadelphia’s economic sectors include education, information technology, manufacturing, oil refining, food processing, health care, biotechnology, tourism, and financial services. There is no shortage of quality dining experiences, beautiful parks, outdoor concerts and performances, sports events, and educational opportunities.

Known as a “city of neighborhoods,” housing options are vast and varied. Depending on your area, the average price of a 2,000 square foot home is $200,000-$350,000. Epic team members have the option of living in the city or living in suburban areas – which can be quite different – but preferences among families varies.

Worship & Ministry Paradigm

  • Five portable locations (Center City, Fairmount, King of Prussia, Parkside, and Roxborough).
  • Three locations meet in high schools, one meets at a movie theater, and one meets in a performing arts theater.
  • There’s one service at King of Prussia at 10 AM.
  • Services at Parkside are at 8:30 & 10 AM.
  • Services at the other three locations are at 10 & 11:30 AM.
  • Worship is energetic and contemporary. You will hear anything from Hillsong Young & Free to Elevation Worship. Large screens display visual images, video, and song lyrics.
  • Worship is live at every location and the message is live-streamed from the broadcast location.

Leadership & Culture

  • Currently, 14 full-time staff and 4 part-time staff, along with a large number of high-capacity staff volunteers make things happen each week. The church and team culture are healthy, and the team members are excited about the future, driven to find new and more efficient ways to reach the community. There is definitely a noticeable culture of “work hard / play hard” among the dedicated staff and volunteers. The team really works like a family, with regular and sometimes spontaneous opportunities for building relationships and doing life together. The right candidate will be one who is ready to jump in, bring value, and add to the already existing energy and passion.
  • Another notable element of the staff culture is leadership. These leaders are learners – self-professed “leadership geeks.” Whether it be through a podcast, books, a TED Talk, or a conference, they love to grow in their understanding of ministry, leadership, innovation, and operational excellence.
  • But at the top of the list is a hunger for God’s Word and a desire to grow FIRST as a follower of Jesus.
  • They are members of the North Point Network, Willow Creek Association, and ARC (Association of Related Churches). Church leadership is described as “staff-led.”
Leadership & Culture

Top Strengths of Epic Church

  • Services are very engaging – people come, experience, and come back. There is great intentionality in next steps for guests and returning attendees.
  • Teaching style – Messages incorporate humor, and are meant to be helpful, engaging, and teach to application.
  • Multicultural – Philly is diverse and so is the church.
  • Team culture – Serve teams are the life of the church. This team approach and an “I get to” mentality attract others to jump in and learn how God wants to grow and use them.
  • Outward focused – Again, a huge passion to reach the city.
  • Strong leadership – Focus on leadership development.
  • “Grittiness” – Gets things done and keeps the vision and mission as a priority to do whatever it takes to reach the city.